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Cure and Care has been serving the community dedicatedly for more than 10 years.


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No one likes to run from pillars to posts when they are sick. You need to visit a doctor, get tests done, and may even have to hire medical experts. Care and Cure aims to reduce the hassles that lie in the way of getting better. We have the best and most experienced team in Kolkata to serve your needs, right at your home.

Our doctors and nurses have more than a decade of experience in delivering health outcomes. We also provide reliable diagnostic services by a qualified team at your doorstep. You can also hire cutting-edge medical equipment to support your treatment without the high costs of a hospital.

We also excel in rehabilitation and pain management provided by a team of pro physiotherapists. Our team also vaccinates you at home and offers friendly eldercare. Get in touch with us to request our services and improve your health.


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We help you get better without stepping out of your home. Avail our world-class healthcare services today.


Nobody likes to stand in long queues or wait for hours for a doctor when you’re sick. You get a fever just thinking of going to the clinic and getting your test done. Indeed, you should be resting and not running around seeking healthcare services when you are down.

Care and Cure provides full-scale medical services with leading doctors of Kolkata in our team. Our doctors understand your needs and treat you as a priority. You can avail the best care at your home lying on your favourite bed without taking a single step.

We have more than a decade of experience and has worked with countless patients. Our nurses and staff are familiar with every disease and know what needs to be done. They are your best bet for ensuring successful treatments and providing adept medical and daily care.

We stay updated on the latest medical developments and research to provide you with innovative solutions. Our team invests in top-grade equipment to help you enjoy the best care at home. Whether it’s your elders or your kids, we have got your back for all your medical and healthcare needs.

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Bringing top medical care within the reach of common folks in Kolkata.